Are home office chairs now more about the look than the function?

September 19, 2017

Are home office chairs now more about the look than the function?

The advent of renovation television shows has seen the home office take on a completely different look from what it was in the past.

In times gone by the look of the office in the home was obviously important but was balanced with function, were there enough storage spaces, was the desk big enough and most interestingly in this blog was the chair a functional, supportive and ergonomic solution.

It is interesting that with more and more people doing their work from home, with the advent of remote offices, it feels like there has been a shift from function to "look" of the home office chair.  Whether it be students working more and more remotely or those in the corporate world working remotely, we are spending a lot more time in our home offices.

The " on trend" look is to have a slimline desk coupled with a funky chair that in many cases has no adjustment and the look is then achieved, but what is that doing to us physically as we work more and more from home?  Is the desk actually functional once in use and how many hours can you really spend on a chair that has no adjustment?

Would it be better to incorporate some standing options such as a desk mounted standing solution or an adjustable desk? Would it be better to incorporate a fully ergonomic chair which can be adjusted if long hours are spent at the desk or can be adjusted to suit the student or the corporate of the house depending on who is using the chair?

It gives a little in being on trend but it does help significantly in our overall health.

The Mirae chair could be a good alternative and is available online now at

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