Bring Life into your Office Space

March 14, 2017

Bring Life into your Office Space

Sometimes (well maybe a lot of the time) we find ourself having to buckle through mundane tedious work at the office, this sometimes can't be helped. What can be though, is the space we’re working in.

Reinvigorating your office space can help keep your staff happy and sharp. Allowing for that extra push needed to finish that report or number crunch, here are some tips to keeps your office vibrant and fresh.

Natural light, it seems too easy to be true but allowing natural light into your office will increase motivation and positivity, this may mean reshuffling your office space. Try and relocate seating space close to windows and open spaces, your staff need the light more than that award cabinet does.

Plants, keep the office fresh and oxygenated with indoor plants. There are many suitable indoor plants available at local nurseries, just make sure they’re cared for. Hire a florists to maintain them on a regular basis or make it an activity for your staff to do together.

A place for space, this is a bit of an ask and sometimes space just doesn't allow it but having an allocated area for your staff away from their desks can be great for some needed rejuvenation throughout the day. This could just mean a couple of 2 seater couches or some well-placed bean bags, it just needs to be somewhere for everyone can go to, to take a minute or have a quick non-work related chat.

Colour colour colour, at this very moment you may be looking around your office and seeing a lot of white, that's ok, we’re not expecting you to paint the place from head to toe, simple by adding art pieces as well as fun sculptures can bring an element of fun and happiness to your space, rather than a stagnant feeling from a monotone coloured space, you can reinvigorate the entire vibe simply through adding some strategic colour.

So we’re not expecting you to go all google on it by adding rollercoaster to your foiler, but by taking on some of these tips, your office space will become a more happy and vibrant place to work!

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