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Home office

May 25, 2020

Home office

Our current emphasis has been on home office set ups and the absolute key to a functional set up we believe is the chair.  Whether you are using a dining table, kitchen table or an actual office desk, when working from home what you are sitting on will determine your level of comfort, support and ultimately productivity.

The key aspect here is the height of the chair.  Many general tables will be of a non standard office height and most usually higher or lower.  This will put increased strain on shoulders, arms elbows as you try to negotiate to a comfortable position. 

If you are using your home station for extended periods of time then we would also recommend a chair that has seat height and tilt and back height and tilt adjustments to allow you gain back support no matter what you are doing during the day.

If you don't spend all day in your chair or spend a large part of the day on the phone or not specifically upright at your desk then a chair that has recline and height adjustment should suffice.

All of our chairs will offer a broad range of heights to find the right height for you.

The trade off on all of this is that it is a chair that is going in to your home so you don't want it to look too much like the office but want to get the maximum support.

We offer a broad range of looks, colour and designs to help you achieve the right "look" for your office station.

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