When is too much choice simply too much choice?

May 23, 2018

When is too much choice simply too much choice?

As retailers we are constantly wanting to prove ourselves to our potential clients.

As wholesale chains open up we want to show our potentials that we can supply anything and everything in the retail space that we occupy.  This can be from offering every type of ergonomic chair known to man (does a potential buyer actually know what ergonomic means anyway), to ten different varieties of round tables. We receive a new product from our supplier and bam it is on the website and ready to be ordered but is the product getting lost in the mix?  Is it better to have twenty pages of ergonomic chairs on a site to browse through or two pages of ergonomic chairs which have some variety and hit appropriate price and quality points?

I don't have the answers but to me if we take ego and chest beating out of it, "Look how much we can supply!" and look at the reality, I know that as much as I love office furniture, no that is not a typo, I wouldn't want to spend hours scrolling through pages of a similar product of the same type, but we are all different which is why I love people and retail.

So there are no concrete answers but I would love to know your thoughts, is too much choice sometimes simply too much choice?

Do you think we have the mix right? Scroll through the site and let us know.


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