Integ Monitor Arms

Ar-ray is your cost effective monitor arm

Because our Ar-ray monitor arms can provide a full range of adjustment that reduce the discomfort of glare, and they may contribute to Green Star points under System IEQ-4. The arms also allow for the monitor height to be quickly and easily adjusted by pushing a button to move the arm down, and simply lifting the arm to move it up – decreasing the risk of neck and back related injuries.

Work ergonomically - "Be healthy - work safer"

Save valuable space - "Free up valuable desk real estate"

Work mobile - "Use mobile devices ergonomically"


Features include:
  • Able to hold a VESA compliant monitor that is up to 6kg
  • Cable clips on the bottom of the arms allow cables to be almost completely hidden inside the arm itself
  • Die-cast / powder coated aluminum alloy and steel components
  • Lightweight, reinforced engineered polymer components
  • 105º vertical monitor tilt, 180º portrait to landscape and 360º horizontal rotation and pivot
  • 5 year warranty


  • Pole Capacity: Up to 12kg
  • Pole Height: 400mm
  • Arm Capacity: Up to 6kg per arm
  • Arm Reach: Up to 400mm
  • Screen Capacity: Up to 28”
  • Rotation: 180 degrees
  • Tilt: 105 degrees
  • Fits all Screens: All arms meet VESA standards with 75mm/100mm (VESA MIS-D, 100/75) settings
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Features & Benefits of Ar-ray Series Monitor Arms

1) Easy height adjustment

Ar-ray Series has user friendly height adjustment which enables users to adjust the screen height with minimal effort.

2) Quick release + 180 Knuckle

Ar-ray Quick release+180 knuckle allows the monitor to be attached/detached with the touch of a lever + 180 degree knuckle is ideal for any screen movement between landscape and portrait views.

3) Superior Cable Management